Business Grammar

Mechanically correct and flawlessly professional documents increase your on-the-job credibility and aid precise communication. Business Grammar consists of three elements:

  • Punctuation
  • Spelling and Usage
  • Grammar and Sentence Structure


Punctuation consists of such things as the correct use of apostrophes, colons, commas, hyphens, italics, parentheses, periods, quotation marks, and semicolons. You also need to know the conventions for plurals and possessives.

Spelling & Usage

Here you’ll findt tips for using spelling checkers effectively and for remembering the difference between commonly confused words such as affect and effect. You also need to know conventions for capitalization and numbers.

Grammar & Sentence Structure

Grammar and sentence structure are concerned with topics like subject-verb agreement and pronoun use (for example, using I, me, and myself correctly). You need to be able to recognize and correct sentence fragments, run-on sentences and lack of parallel structure.

by Dr. Judith M. Newman

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